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Technical overview:

The following schema tries to give you a quick overview of what the software is and how it works. This manager is an extension on the PureFTPd server, or a so called 'third party' software, without the PureFTPd server it's useless. The PureFTPd server itself is a FTP server for operation systems from the UNIX family like Linux of FreeBSD.

An FTP server needs, as you should know, ftp users or ftp accounts when you want to make use of it. PureFTPd is able to read this account information, for example username and password, from a database. Normally an ftp user is valid Unix users, therefore an ftp user that's stored in a database is a so called virtual ftp user, he only exist for the PureFTPd server.

The User manager for PureFTPd can only add, remove or changes values in the database, with other words add, change or remove virtual ftp users.

The schema shows the workflow of the User manager in conjunction with the PureFTPd server, from left to right, the PureFTPd server reads the information about the virtual ftp users from the database, the User manager can add, remove or edit virtual ftp users.


Especially for FreeBSD users there is documentation available that describes how to configure PureFTPd and how to install all those four software requirements, see documentation for more info.

Requirements for this software are:
  • Unix,Linux or FreeBSD
  • PureFTPd
  • Web server, we recommend Apache
  • MySQL Server
  • PHP with the extensions
    - MYSQL
    - PCRE
    - POSIX

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