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The application is open-source (BSD-style license), and programmed in PHP. Because the project is open-source and all the dependencies (software packages) are available for a large number of platforms, this application is available for many platforms.

Download the user manager for PureFTPd


Changelog of the User manager for PureFTPd

Version 2.1 (29-9-2005)
  • Korean translation added.
  • Bulgarian translation added.
  • Chinese translation added.
  • Italian translation added.
  • Changed both style sheets, default and orange.
  • Reduce the number of font types to 1 single font Verdana.
    Improved the out lining of attributes like text, input boxes, and icon’s / images.
  • Add a image ‘ftpuser_gray.gif’, used when u disable (locked) an ftp account.
  • Saves the offset (location) of the horizontal and vertical scrollbar,
    useful when the page doesn’t fit entirely on the screen and you use the file browser.
  • Fixed a problem with the file size (function filesize from PHP) in the file browser,
    some files larger that 2GB shows unexpected results.
  • Added a cross-browser Tooltip JavaScript to create tooltips,
    previous versions had problems with the limitation of characters of the HTML title tag.
Version 2.0 (20-6-2005)
  • Upgrade the database for extra functionality (see below)
  • - ALTER TABLE ftpusers.users ADD Status enum('0','1') NOT NULL default '1';
    - ALTER TABLE ftpusers.users ADD Ipaddress varchar(15) NOT NULL default '*';
    - ALTER TABLE ftpusers.users ADD Comment tinytext;
    - ALTER TABLE ftpusers.users ADD ULRatio smallint(5) default '1';
    - ALTER TABLE ftpusers.users ADD DLRatio smallint(5) default '1';
    - ALTER TABLE ftpusers.users ADD UNIQUE KEY User (User);
  • Quota support, this option is optional.
  • - Restriction of the maximal number of files a user can store in his account.
    - Restriction of total size (Mb) of files a user can store in his account.
  • Ratio support, this option is optional.
  • - For example <1:2> stands for: First upload 4 Mb than download 8 Mb, <0:0> is off
  • Added ip address restriction support,
  • - Restrict a account to a single client (ip address) or allows anyone.
  • Added a Notes field, this allows the administrator to simply write some notes about an account.
  • Added a user friendly directory browser, allows the administrator to easily choose a home directory for an FTP account. - constants.php and files.php are part of the directory browser
  • Reorganised the language files, many words and senses are added,
    system messages like ‘database not found’ are not longer translated, just only the user interface.
  • Removed old languages, out of date.
  • New available languages are:
    - English
    - Dutch
    - French
    - Japanese
    - Spanish
    - Slovenian
  • Added a user friendly installation wizard (install.php) this allows the administrator to easily install this software. Functions that are embedded:
  • - Install, upgrade, or change the database with tables.
    - Easily configure the ‘User manager for PureFTPd’,
      just click and type the options you want.
    - Easily change or add users that are allowed to use the ‘User manager for PureFTPd’.
    - Generates the configuration file for PureFTPd
  • Changed the stylesheets.
Version 1.4.0 (14-9-2004)
  • Changed the language system, every language has now his own language file.
  • Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Swedish, Polish, Italian translations added.
  • Clean up some source code, for example removed all Dutch code and comment.
  • Make all the icons and images transparent.
  • Makes the style sheets more useful, add 1 style sheet.
  • Improved failure / error system, the user will now be well informed about possible problems with the connection or the database itself.
  • Changed project name from 'User Management for PureFTPd server' to 'User manager for PureFTPd'
Version 1.3.1 (29-3-2004)
  • Danish translation added.
  • Norwegian translation added.
  • When the user canceled a delete action the document will not reload. (javascript)
  • Title information added by the buttons: Edit, Delete and Open.
Version 1.3.0 (14-3-2004)
  • Version 1.3.0 (14-3-2004)
  • Help-function now uses title-tags. (will be shown in Mozilla and Konqueror)
  • Selecting uid/gid out of the combobox will not cause reload the document. (javascript)
  • Correct the variable name $COREAN to $KOREAN
Version 1.2.8 (28-2-2004)
  • Correct the variable name $ENGLISCH to $ENGLISH.
  • Added version number into the login page (index.php).
  • Replaced the ‘error message’ from the login page outside the html table.
  • Bug fix with the session variable ‘Login’ on line 35 from index.php.
  • Added the text 'Don’t change this if you are using the default database.' in config.php
  • Removed the mouse over option by the 2 blue arrows from admin.php.
Version 1.2.7
  • Hungarian translation added.
  • Correction in translate line 21 from the Korean translation.
  • Correction in translate line 3, 8 and 31 from the Dutch translation.
  • Added the 'wheel' group in the BlacklistGroups array from the config.php file.
Version 1.2.6
  • Korean translation added.
  • French translation added.
Version 1.2.5
  • Spanish translation added.
  • Change the variable name ‘$FTPAdress’ into ‘$FTPAddress’
  • Add the values ‘UsersFile’, ‘GroupFile’, ’BlacklistUsers’ and ’BlacklistGroups’ to the config.php file.
  • Created 2 dropdown menus with a list of Unix users and a list of Unix groups.
Version 1.2.4
  • Russian translation added.
  • Translate the 'save' button in the 4 available languages.
Version 1.2.3
  • Language brazilian portuguese added.
Version 1.2.2
  • First public version.

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