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User manager for PureFTPd

User manager for PureFTPd allows administrators to easily create, change, or delete 'virtual' PureFTPd users. It comes with a set of very good documentation to help with the setup of PureFTPd, Apache, PHP and MySQL.

This web application allows you as administrator to manage your ftp users in a web browser. With the user-friendly interface you can add, change, remove, lock or unlock ftp users. For every individual ftp account you can mange the following features.

  • Username and Password
  • Choose the UNIX user and group rights for the ftp user.
  • Choose a home directory with the embedded file browser.
  • Select capture limits for there upload and download traffic.
  • Restrict there number of files and total size of files with the quota option.
  • Select a ratio for there upload and download sessions.
  • Give an ip address restriction.
  • Add personal notes about the ftp user.
The User manager for PureFTPd is also available from
the port collection of FreeBSD

Language support:

  Version 1.4 Version 2.0
  Bulgarian flag   Bulgarian   X
  Danish flag   Danish X X *
  Dutch flag   Dutch X X
  English flag   English X X
  French flag   French X X
  German flag   German X X *
  Greek (Hellenic) flag   Greek (Hellenic)   X *
  Hungarian flag   Hungarian X X *
  Italian flag   Italian X X
  Japanese flag   Japanese X X
  Korean flag   Korean X X
  Norwegian flag   Norwegian X  
  Polish flag   Polish X X *
  Portuguese (Brazil) flag   Portuguese (Brazil) X X *
  Russian flag   Russian X X *
  Simplified Chinese flag   Simplified Chinese X X
  Slovenian flag   Slovenian   X
  Spanish flag   Spanish X X
  Swedish flag   Swedish X X *
  Traditional-Chinese flag   Traditional-Chinese   X *
  Turkish flag   Turkish X X *

* This language file will be added in the following release, or you could download it and add it yourself.

During the time the manager has made a lot of improvements, after the release of version 1.4 there where so many new features added that the current languages files were out-of-date. Therefore we release version 2.0, including all those new features, with a new set of language files.

We are very pleased with all those people that support use by sending there a translation file for this software. Thank you all for this translation work!


If you have questions, suggestions or maybe a new translation file you can contact us by sending a email to the following address machiel.mastenbroek[at]
(For spam reasons the @ symbol if removed from the email address)

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