SpaTerm (Januari 2008)


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What is SPATerm

SPATerm is a terminal application in a web browser. This web application gives you directly shell access to a remote Unix or Linux server. This makes it possible to access your server from almost any computer in the world.


By far the most important feature is the support of interactive command's like vi or top.
In the background it's a REAL shell, not an emulator. I hope the demo video
gives you a good impression of this.

The so called system requirements on the client computer are reduced to a minimum. The client only needs a web brower that has access to the internet. It even works behind firewall, VPN connections or Proxy servers.

Where to use SPATerm

Where an SSH Terminal client stops, SPATerm starts.

It’s always better to use a SSH client like Putty, but in practice this is not always possible. The two most common reasons are.
  1. You can’t use the SSH protocol, Network (security) configurations like: Firewalls, VPN or Proxy servers makes this impossible.
  2. You are not be able to install any software (module) Not a SSH client and not even a web browser plug-in.
But still you want to have shell access to your Unix server. Than SPATerm may be the answer for you.


The SPA part of the name SPATerm stands for: Screen, Php and Ajax and reference to the three most important techniques behind the scenes.

Software Requirments

Client side:
- A Web browser that supports JavaScript.

Server side:
- Unix server, like Linux or FreeBSD.
- Apache with PHP
- GNU Screen

Current status of the project.

Still in developing, waiting for the first public beta in the next couple of weeks.


Questions or interested, contact me.

Address: machiel.mastenbroek[A_T]

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